Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Power Searching with Google

Certificate emailed on completion of the course.
@nickmajor81  recommended the Power Searching with Google course at one of our Netbook Teacher meetings last term. I'm  fairly confident searching online however, was interested to learn more and explore possibilities for our CyberSmart category, SmartSurfing

Power Searching with Google is a free online course that includes search techniques and teaches some of the advanced tools in Google search. Short video clips with demonstrations from Google Search guru, Dan Russell, are supported with activities that can be worked through at your own pace. These can be revisited along with short tests to review new learning. 

Links to online resources, search forum, blogs and lesson plans are also included.

I am going to include this as part of our orientation for new netbook teachers and suspect that many teachers would find this course useful for identifying search techniques that can be adapted to support existing programmes of learning. Depending on literacy levels students could also enroll in the course with their GAFE account and complete independently.  

How to be notified about upcoming Power Searching classes via Dan Russell


Karen Ferguson said...

gonna steal these links for my cyber smart site i am putting together :D

Fiona Grant said...

There are some excellent ideas I have been adapting too. Send me the link to your site when it's ready please . Thanks Karen

Karen Ferguson said...

i will share you in now if you is not public yet as it still needs owrk..