Thursday, October 10, 2013

uLearn13 unconference

"Harnessing your ecosystems" was the theme for unconference at uLearn13 this year. Teaming up with +anne ken to host, we were excited to be able to share an un-conference experience within a conference. Open space meeting format applied and we aimed to provide participants with opportunities to experience some of the learning and fun that are highlights of the EduCampNZ events.

We have shared these in the presentation below. The slides include hyperlinks to more ideas, strategies and tips. Thanks to all participants who contributed, especially to the Smackdown another awesome example of the power of developing a professional learning network (PLN).

No two events are the same however you are invited to use, adapt and share your learning on the EduCampNZ wiki. 

Click the GoogleDrive logo to open the presentations.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

GoogleFest 2013 - Google+

GoogleFest Site
Google+ is Google's social network enabling users to share and learn across the web. With a Google+ profile users can also manage content and connect with other Google Apps e.g. Blogger, YouTube and Google+ Hangouts (video conferencing). Google+ Communities also enable participants to create and share content others who have similar interests.

Users must be 13 years or older to use Google+. To manage this in schools with Google Apps for Education (GAFE) sub organisations are created in the GAFE control panel e.g. students, staff, Each sub organisation is assigned permissions and access to applications is either switched on or off.

We have recently begun to explore using Google+ communities with senior students (Year 9-13) as part of our CyberSmart Curriculum, specifically focused on Smart Footprint and Smart Relationships.

The following Google presentation is a copy (adapted) and shared with students and their teachers to assist in getting started with Google+.


GoogleFest 2013 -

GoogleFest Site

Pause and play YouTube video as you take notes that will be automatically synchronised with the video and saved to your Google Drive. Click the image below to view a shared example of You will need to have the Chrome App installed

Compare and contrast tourism prior to the eruption with today. Begin by using descriptions and images from the documentary 'The Eruption of Tarawera' to guide your thinking.

GoogleFest 2013 - YouTube

GoogleFest Site
Using a video hosting site to store and organise videos enables content to be conveniently shared across a number of online platforms including blogs, sites and online communities. As YouTube channel features have been upgraded, including integration with Google Apps for Education (GAFE) we have begun to consider the potential for utilising YouTube to organise and share original content in addition to using digital video as a rich medium for learning.

We have taken into consideration our blogging protocols, developed to "ensure student safety, maximise student learning and accountability to our BOTs and parents." All video content that is shared online remains under the ownership of the school's GAFE domain. Teachers set up and share content using their GAFE account. Because accounts are never deleted this ensures that the school always has access to content even if the teacher leaves the school. 


GoogleFest 2013 - Google Draw

GoogleFest Site
Think this might be my favourite Google Docs App. Students really enjoy creating with Google Draw and many of the tools are transferable so it is a great app to start with if you are new to Google Docs.

Google Draw can be located in your Google Drive, click the red Create button and select Drawing. It is a great option for page layout, creating charts, posters, graphic organisers and info-graphics. Create a drawing via Google Support

Google Draw integrates with all other Apps in Google Drive, drawings can be downloaded as image files and inserted into another doc type. They can also be embedded in blogs and sites.