Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Being Cybersmart

Shout out to learners from Pt England School who participated in the launch of the Digital License today. Included a game show quiz with our very own celebrity host! Lots of fun and awesome to see our young people expertly exhibiting what it means to be Cybersmart!

The Digital License has the potential to enable our young people to challenge their exisiting Manaiakalani Cybersmart Learning.

Being Cybersmart in Manaiakalani is firstly aimed at empowering our learners to make smart decisions online and understand that every time they connect, collaborate and share online it combines to create their digital footprint. Cybersmart Learning is all about engaging our young people in online behaviour and thinking that elevates positive actions. To enable this learners need opportunities to engage in authentic online connections and interactions like sharing and responding to learning on their blogs.

Access to The Digital Licence is free for year 8 & 9 NZ students, and teachers can register online here.
Looking forward to seeing how The Digital Licence might be used to support Being Cybersmart in Manaiakalani!

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Mind of a creator...

Creativity Empowers Learning...our professional learning focus for Term 2.
Planning for our PLGs and I have been comparing and contrasting Edward Lee's thoughts on being adventurers with opportunities to create to learn. Taking risks, trying new things, messing around and not always having a solution or answer immediately.

 "There's a lot of visual literature, there's a lot of written literature, about pretty much any topic in the world. So as a culture and a society we've stopped being adventurers and we've started to be scholars and by not doing that we lose a lot..."  Edward Lee, Mind of a Chef