Sunday, December 2, 2012

"Harnessing Your Ecosystems"

I my use of social media purely a response to my professional exploits? If I didn't work as a teacher and facilitator would I Tweet?

I created my first wiki in September 2006 and over the following year joined Delicious and Flickr, began blogging and finally at 7:04pm on the 2nd August 2007, posted my first Tweet. There was no looking back. My purpose was to connect and share. At the time I was collaborating with an awesome cluster of five schools with over 80 teachers and email was just not going to cut it.

I quickly realised that Web2.0 was going to provide me with increasingly creative tools to communicate and collaborate and also accelerate my work flow substantially. What I hadn't predicted was the growth of a professional learning network that I rate as one of my most valued assets both professionally and personally. This is where I do some of my best learning and in this rapidly changing world learning for me is at its best when I can connect with like-minded.

I have blogged previously about growing a PLN with links and resources to get started. Investing time utilising social media to not only access resources but also contribute and change practice can be augmented by harnessing the power of a professional learning network.

Described as "the power of pull" by Hagel, Seely Brown and Davison (2010), new technologies are creating platforms that increase our visibility and can help us connect with more people, people that we don't know yet or may even be aware exist.

How are you "harnessing your ecosystems?" How are you scaling up your connectivity and attracting the people and resources you need to find your potential? (Blog Post 10/06/2012

If it's a question of time, this is worth the time. You are not alone out there and believe me every time I think I have a new idea or challenge I find I am not the first or the only one…thank goodness!