Saturday, May 18, 2013

Friday, May 3, 2013

Cybersmart #byod2013

Valued the opportunity to participate and contribute to BYOD 2013 hosted by Learning Network NZ yesterday at Albany Senior High. The conference was well supported with over 400 educators attending. Tweets, resources and images nicely archived by +Catriona Pene

These are also excellent opportunities to touch base with my PLN and I enjoyed the conversations. Interested to hear about Tauriko School's approach to BYOD and Digital Citizenship which has been developed to reflect the school's values...thanks +Rochelle Jensen

Plus a geeky goody via +Allanah King, leave voice comments on your Google docs.

I shared some thinking and examples of the Cybersmart Curriculum Manaiakalani Schools have been developing. My notes and resource links are below. A bonus of presenting is the opportunity to reflect on practice and share current thinking with others. Feedback always appreciated.

 Click options cog for speaker notes.