Thursday, October 11, 2012

GoogleFest #uLearn12

This post supports my contribution to GoogleFest at uLearn12.

Kiwis... officially Googlised
Kiwis @ Google Teacher Academy Sydney 2011

CyberSmart Curriculum
Exploring how to deliberately teach Digital Citizenship within a context that is relative to students specifically in a 1:1 netbook class. For example all students from year 5-8 with a netbook have a blog. Students learn SmartFoot Print and SmartValues in a context of learning how to write a quality blog comment. These are two of  ten categories we have identified as important to a cybersmart curriculum. 

This Google Doc includes a process we have used to introduce blog commenting to students. Students save a copy of the document in their Google docs. Teachers provide multiple opportunities for students to practise and reflect on their blog commenting. Initially students leave comments on blogs in their school as teachers can monitor these comments through the Teacher Dashboard.

This Google Doc was used to explore the difference between personal information that is safe to share online and what is private. Students write a personal profile for their blog which is initially posted as a blog post with a link from their blog side bar "About Me" widget.

Using Google Apps for Education (GAFE) to support learning with primary sources
Using primary sources as a context with the aim of demonstrating how I select and orgainse digital content to support learning using GAFE. It also includes some new thinking that I am exploring around using primary sources to teach Digital Citizenship.

"Getting My Google On" - In this blog post I share my top take-a-ways from GAFEsummit 2012 and my resources from my breakout "Integrating GAFE to support learning with primary sources."

Google Tool: Chrome Multiple Users

Chrome Apps: Hootsuite
Twitter - some of the best free PD. If you are serious about building your PLN you need to get serious about managing your social networking. With Hootsuite you are able to set up multiple tabs, searches and organise your social media dashboard. Set up on your laptop and when you log in to your iPad/iPhone App, Hootsuite will automatically sync. Enables you to easily follow current events using a #tag or Twitter handle.

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