Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Getting My Google On

I participated in New Zealand's first Goggle Apps for Education (GAFE) Summit yesterday. Masterfully organised by the EdTech Team and our own Dorothy Burt it was a day full of opportunities to learn, valued conversations with my PLN and just the right balance of Google geekiness. My top take-a-ways from the day included:

YouTube in the Classroom: Jim Sill (@mistersill)
YouTube often gets a bad rap but in just 60 minutes Jim was able to skillfully demonstrate how this resource can be a powerful learning and teaching tool. I would recommend exploring Jim's site, especially YouTube for Teachers, which includes some valuable recommendations for finding and organing the best of what YouTube has to offer including TED-Ed Lessons Worth Sharing.

GoogleChrome Breaking the Seal: Tony Richards (@itmadesimple)
I have been skirting around Google Chrome for a while but have found the ability to set up multiple users has made a huge difference to my work flow this year across multiple school sites, GAFE admin accounts and school Blogger accounts. I have created a Screenr to demonstrate and would recommend setting this up even if you are switching between 2-3 accounts during your day.

Tony's Google presentation is a treasure trove of useful tips for managing your setting, apps and extensions and is worth investing the time exploring. It has definitely improved my ability to personalise Chrome for my needs.

Integrating GAFE to support learning with primary sources
In this session we explored integrating GAFE to support learning with primary sources. I used primary sources as a context with the aim of demonstrating how I select and orgainse digital content to support learning using GAFE. This is shared as a Google Presentation which I have also embedded in a GoogleSite as there are links to examples of how content might be organised within an online learning environment. It also includes some new thinking that I am exploring around using primary sources to teach Digital Citizenship.

More presenter resources can be accessed on the GAFEsummit site and also #GAFEsummit on Twitter.

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