Friday, April 20, 2007

Quality Teaching Using Digital Resources

Thanks to Jacky Hay from Learning Media for a very useful matrix linking how students learn and what teachers do with effective integration of digital resources by teachers. This provides an understanding of how digital resources can support what learners need to do in order to develop and extend their literacy learning. I would recommend this as a useful reference if you are exploring strategies for using digital resources to engage students and promote literacy learning.
Download a copy of this matrix from our wiki.

Learning Media also produce a range of electronic storybooks to schools containing texts with photographs, illustrations, audio and activities that are designed to appeal to a range of students. The aims of these CD-ROM is to motivate and support underachieving readers and includes a comprehensive set of notes for teachers. These CD-ROMs are sent out to all schools. Please contact me if you need any help to source or use these resources.

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Rachel Boyd said...

Thanks for the fantastic resource, it will prove to be a good reference to promote literacy and engage students!

Oh, and Happy Birthday school journals... great job Learning Media!

Kind regards,
Rachel Boyd,Nelson