Saturday, April 21, 2007

Have you been paying attention?

Had been nosing around on the T4 - Jordon School District website (some great ideas examples of how technology can add value to learning) plus a video by Darren Draper that is well worth viewing.

It was great to read today on Rachel Boyd's blog that Darren has joined the public blogisphere with his blog Drape's Takes.

Have you been paying attention?


Charlotte said...

Loved the Pay Attention file. Very cool. Felt so motivated by the simple yet powerful words. That's exactly where we want to be... I wonder how it would go down if I took the cellphone challenge with my kids? Great food for thought and hopefully we're getting nearer the goal of the liberated digital classroom. This generation of learners is the cross over and we need to make sure that our attitudes don't disadvantage them. Imagine what the next generation of learners will be like!

Fiona Grant said...

Well put, thanks Charlotte...I am constantly challenged to think about how our attitudes differ from that of our students especially in relation to what drives us. I left a comment on the new Teacher 2.0 blog you might be interested in checking out. Some interesting stuff being discussed around Web 2.0 and education by a variety of contributors including David Warlick who was her in Feb for the Learning@School Conference and Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach a keynote for TUANZ last month.