Saturday, April 7, 2007

Participate to Learn

Continuing my theme of connecting, have just spent the last week in Wellington with 13 fellow facilitators who work regionally in schools delivering the school support services outputs for the MoE. While we only see each other f2f 2-3 times a year we have been using a wiki and skype this year to support each other's work and learning, connecting regularly once a fortnight for a conference call. This collaboration has been a combination of Jocelyn Mackay’s (UC) INSTEP and the ease of communicating through web tools.

It is an exciting time to be learning and I encourage participation. While I participate in formal professional learning the opportunities to also participate through reading and responding to others through their blogs is adding a whole new dimension to my learning and realisation of the potential of these tools to personalise my learning. I want to thank David Kinane from Meadowbank Primary who pointed me in the direction of Wesley Fryer’s blog Moving at the Speed of Creativity

Wesley argues for the importance of good teaching that utilises technology to add value to student learning… “teachers need to be PEDAGOGICAL EXPERTS much more than they need to be content experts today”

We know that technology alone does not improve learning and has the potential to be “ giving a bad guitar player a bigger amplifier” however I have been over the “it’s just a tool” view of technology for a while now. It does nothing to recognise the value of technology in the hands of an expert teacher.

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dakinane said...

Fiona, Welcome back and thanks for the mention. I agree about mission accepted. I feel really energised about the task ahead, my difficulty is that I am not the one doing it in class. The holidays will be spent catching up on Wesley's podcasts and others that I must share with you. Wesley has contacted me and would love to speak here in New Zealand, he was an exchange student in the 80's and has very fond memories of his time in Christchurch. I have pointed him towards the ULearn 07 website, but I fear that he may be too late. However I have also suggested a webcam hook up with us! Is that something that Team Solutions would like to be involved in? Keep in touch, there is much to do!