Sunday, March 18, 2007

Refining online searches

Working with some teachers last week exploring how we might utilise web tools to support many exciting possibilties...but still the issue of dealing with the amount of information and supporting students is laboured ..."They type in a google search and get so many responses... we need to ensure they have the necessary skills to decide what is relevant".
OK... I am not disputing that we need to consider this however I don't believe it is purely an Internet problem or a weakness with the the web. Yes I agree there is a lot of irrelevant stuff out there but we need to model as teachers and learners and support students in their decision making before they even think about typing There are lots of other options available for searching. My links for searching.

I am excited that 2 teachers from Northcote Intermediate are going to investigate this further as part of their action research...specifically exploring the use of a visual search engine.
Quintura and Quintura for kids... Enables searches that are visual and helps students find and filter out the information they need easily and interactively.

Quintura - Take the 'how to tour' from this is quick and explains how Quintura works in a few simple steps.

Quintura for Kids

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