Thursday, March 8, 2007

Mike Anderson

It was great to have Mike, the Principal from North Loburn School
visit us yesterday and share some of his thinking, projects and passions for education. He spoke to a group of Principals and lead teachers from our cluster, posing some challenges and questions for us to ponder and discuss about learning and teaching in the 21st Century.
Some key ideas included thinking around ICT and learning as a process rather than a product..."today we are going to learn how to structure a narrative" verses "today we are going to do iMovie".

I also found Mike's analogies to "More Monsters, Fewer Millionaires" made a lot of sense. Do we want our students to know lots of stuff and be able to answer questions like those on game shows "Who wants to be a millionaire" or ... more like the contestants on "Monstor Garage" where a team of people are challenged to collaborate, plan, build and test a "monster machine" turning a stock vehicle into something else...Mike likens this process to a more authentic learning experience where we see evidence of many of the characteristics of the Key Competencies and also reflects the message from Learning@School keynote speaker David Warlick...

"Its not a future of security so we shouldn't be preparing them for one...instead we should prepare them for a future of opportunity...and that's done differently"

Have a look at North Loburn School's website to see some of the projects students are involved in ... is anyone interested in participating in the Rock Our World project?

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