Sunday, August 26, 2007

Student Voice at uLearn07

Kids Using Technology in Education (KUTE) is an annual event organised by The Auckland Computers in Education Society (ACES). On a Saturday morning every October, students congregate in a central Auckland school hall to share their learning through ICT with their school community. This year KUTE will be held onsite at Sky City during uLearn07. This is a highly interactive breakout where conference attendees will have the opportunity to talk directly with students from a number of Auckland schools who will be demonstrating, sharing and answering questions about their learning through a variety of ICT supported experiences. These include Game Making, Animation, Photo Editing, Blogs, ComicLife, Podcasting, TV Broadcasting, Inquiry Learning and also how students are effectively utilising an LMS to support their learning. Participating schools include Summerland Primary, Marina View Primary, Kristin School, Pt England School, Cornwall Park Primary and Baverstock Oaks School. Read more about KUTE and other ACES events on their website.

As one of the committee members for ACES I am very excited about bringing KUTE to ULearn07 as the conference theme is “Personalising Learning in A Digital World”. Because student voice puts the student at the centre as active participants in their learning it is considered to be at the heart of personalising learning, so it seemed a good idea to include a breakout with student voice. We will be set up for Breakout 1 and conference attendees will be free to visit each of the schools where students will be demonstrating their learning through a variety of eLearning models. Children will be expecting lots of interesting questions and are very excited about this opportunity to share their learning with you and contribute to such a large education conference.



Suzie Vesper said...

I've just agreed to swap my presentation to the first breakout and now I feel sad that I'm going to miss out on KUTE! It sounds like a great idea and I hope it all goes well.

Fiona Grant said...

Thanks Suzie, first time we have tried this but everyone is so enthusiastic I am sure it will go well. Look forward to catching up F2F.

Rachel Boyd said...

What an awesome opportunity for both the students and teachers attending... a fabulous idea!

Like Suzi, I think it's when I'm presenting so I'll have to miss out :(

Miguel said...

Fiona, this looks great! I'm definitely sorry, along with Suzie, that I'm going to miss out on KUTE! (smile). I hope you'll podcast the event.

Hey, since you're in NZ, I can officially steal "KUTE" acronym, right? (wink)

Anyways, I hope you'll seriously consider podcasting some of the conversations your KUTE students have with folks.

Wishing you well and that I was there,

Miguel Guhlin
Around the

Fiona Grant said...

Great idea Miguel...will do ;-) thanks!