Sunday, August 5, 2007

Second Life

With the rain thundering down and HP & the Deathly Hallows read, I thought it was as good a time as any to spend exploring Second Life.
I didn’t want to spend too much time wandering around and I'm not one for reading manuals so did a quick search on keywords ‘education’ and ‘kiwi’ to see if I could locate some like minded people.

First up I met the organiser of a group of kiwi educators (NMIT Garden of Learning on EDUisland) who invited me to their weekly get together. This was time well spent with Arwena Starburst the group’s organiser and some other Kiwi educators exploring what is possible in Second Life. Amongst other things I did learn how to create an object. Challenging, with the whole 3D thing going on, but with the patience and help of Arwena and Isa I succeeded. Here we all are sitting on the finished product (that’s me in the middle…Irihipeti Kayo)

My biggest challenge was landing in a dignified fashion after flying. Some wonderful people in the ISTEisland(International Society for Technology in Education ) to the rescue there too. I had discovered that to right click on the mouse I needed to use the Apple Key not the Ctrl as usual, and after chatting with Clare and KJ I can now land without falling flat on my face!...thanks for the wings too Clare.

Also spent some time with some other ISTE people starting to explore ‘voice’ which I am told is only new and active in a few places in Second Life…very much like participating in a Skype conference call …setting some protocols up always helps and a headset and microphone will be essential.

So all up I found the whole experience fun however I would recommend seeking out groups such as ISTE island and EduIsland ll, will save time as they are all very helpful and have many organised events especially geared towards education and eLearning.
As result of this first Second Life adventure I can imagine some interesting and exciting possibilities for education. If you are in Second Life, and see me say hello…I am Irihipeti Kayo.


Jane Nicholls said...

Hi Fiona
It does quickly become addictive! I even used up my entire bandwith allowance before the month was up so now I'm back on dial up and can't get into Second Life for a few days. The conversations in there are great, you get to see other perspectives from people around the globe. I even consider that I have made some new friends. I'll look out for you, in SL I'm Jojash McMillan

Kevin Jarrett (KJ Hax) said...

Hello Fiona! So happy to be of assistance yesterday at ISTE Island. As we explained, Clare and I are just two of about 40 people who assist visitors at ISTE HQ, which is located here:

In fact, here is a calendar that lists when docents (guides like us) are available:

Also, if you or any K-20 educator you know is looking for a *FREE* (but temporary) place to live in SL, please check out SLolar Central:

We're building a community of SL scholars (hence the name SLolar) dedicated to exploring and sharing and supporting each other.

Thank you also for plugging EduIsland II, it really is a great area for educators exploring SL!

See you in-world!

Kevin Jarrett
Walden University

Jocelyn said...

Hi Fiona

Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and expertise last night. For something Frivolous and less brain taxing :). I tag you for the 8 random facts meme. You can read mine on my blog

Rachel Boyd said...

I have had some great conversations on SL and met some amazing people. However, I have to limit my visits there as time just flies and I can easily chew up half a day without realising! In the school holidays I even missed an appointment in RL because I was playing in SL!!!

Anyway.... you have been tagged by me for the 8 random facts meme - see my blog for further info. Looking forwards to reading some interesting things about you!

Cheers, Rachel

EdgeoftheSeat said...

Hi Fiona,

Welcome to SL! It is an amazing world full of interesting people and places which I am only myself coming to appreciate.

I love the way that users are so helpful, and the superb conversations that can take place there.

I'll keep an eye out for you, in SL i'm Iain Bonetto