Friday, May 18, 2007

Numeracy Symposium

Posting this, as promised, for the teachers who attended my breakouts at the Numeracy Symposium today. Well done to my colleagues in the Numeracy Team at TEAM Solutions for organising this event featuring Peter Hughes, Principal Lecturer in Mathematics Education in the Faculty of Education. As an eLearning facilitator the benefits of working with a curriculum team provide valuable opportunities to support effective teaching.
My breakouts introduced teachers to digiSTORE and the Learning Objects. I have posted all support material including links and my presentation notes. I have also included links to key eResources available to NZ schools. I would recommend that teachers consider investing time in familiarising themselves with these resources as they provide an effective strategy for accessing relevant, quality resources to add value to your learning programmes... in comparison to spending your valuable time wading through a google search. Please email if you need any support with digiSTORE.

Numeracy Symposium support material here.

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