Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cluster Share - PhotoFUN

Following up from the successful Northcote Primary Cluster Share in March, Sunnybrae Normal School hosted our second share, PhotoFUN. Again this was an opportunity for teachers to demonstrate how they are integrating eLearning to add value in a variety of curriculum areas. Thanks to the Sunnybrae staff who provided us with some effective and creative use of digital photography throughout the school. The programme also included a valuable session lead by Cathy O'Hanlon, DP at Sunnybrae on the art of taking quality photos. Cathy acknowledged what she had learnt from Stuart Hale while attending iSchool last year and has shared some excellent tips and work she has done with digital photography since.

As the facilitator I am in the privileged position of spending most days in our cluster schools experiencing first hand some of the wonderful learning.
Consequently we have set up a collaborative project for the cluster at PhotoFUN - Why learning is fun at our school. we hope this project will also provide more opportunities for all teachers to experience the learning in our cluster schools.

To find out more about the PhotoFUN project and links to resources demonstrated at the cluster share, including Cathy's presentation, visit the Central North Shore wiki

Lots more photos to see on the wiki too...including some taken by teachers during the Photo Challenge...good effort team!

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