Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Why copy and paste from a Google Doc to Blogger?

There are advantages to using a Google Doc to prepare text for a blog post.

Crafting or composing a text in a Google Doc creates a saved copy for both the learner and teacher.

This copy is a record of what has been written and provides access to the Version History of the document.

Viewing a document's history provides valuable information about how the learner has edited their writing and supports reflecting on and editing text.

Scaffolds can be included in the document for learners e.g. voice typing, writing prompts

Commenting in Google Docs can also be harnessed for feedback and feedforward to support the learner as they write.

If there are any internet issues when publishing in blogger a copy is saved in Google Drive.

Don't forget to Paste and Match Style. Once the text has been pasted into the Blogger post editor, use the Blogger editing tools to format text.

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