Friday, March 1, 2019

Manaiakalani Being Cybersmart - Smart Learners

We are currently updating and transferring Cybersmart Learning content to new Google Sites. The content on the classic site will remain available, however will not be updated. Any new content can be accessed from our new Cybersmart site.

"Smart learners are at home in a digital world"
Smart Learners focuses on connecting our young people with elements of our Kawa of Care and responsible use agreement. 

The Manaiakalani  Kawa of Care was co-constructed between schools and whānau. This agreement covers the responsibilities of learners, parents and schools. 

It ensures that learners will get the best use of their device, and that schools and families understand how they can best care for the devices.  

To make the most of their device, Smart Learners follow the Kawa of Care and learn to use their device confidently and in clever ways to Learn Create Share.  

To empower learners it is critical that learning sites are visible and accessible and that learners are able to confidently navigate the site to access learning.

Recommendations and resources have been shared to support teachers to identify and design cybersmart learning in response to the strengths and interests of their learners.

Cybersmart Learning: Smart Learners

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