Monday, November 5, 2012


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If you are serious about growing your professional learning network (PLN) you need to be serious about managing information flows on Twitter. There are lots of great Web2.0 apps available for Twitter however a good place to start is a Twitter App to manage the information flow. 

After trying a few different apps I set up Hootsuite earlier this year. Because Hootsuite is web based, organising Twitter on my Mac and having the same set up available when I logged in on my phone or iPad was a definite bonus. Also the HootSuite App Directory allows me to add other social networks and tools into my dashboard. I have found the ability to set up tabs and streams particularly valuable for monitoring:
  • different themes or groups
  • #tags for current events and topics
  • Twitter lists I have created or follow
  • conversations that I may have missed
  • Tweets that mention me - it's important to respond when you are included in the conversation whether it be to answer/ask a question, add more information or reTweet for acknowledgement.
While it's not possible to read all Tweets I am following Hootsuite enables me to organise and track what's relevant for me while still enjoying the serendipidous learning that is Twitter.

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