Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Celebrating 50 Years of Teacher Education

Howls of laughter today working with a teacher who is also a past T-Group buddy from our days at the Hamilton Teachers’ College.  Waikato's  Faculty of Education have been celebrating 50 years of teacher education and all our original photos have been posted on the Hamilton City Libraries website, Kete Hamilton. We hadn't seen our T-Group photo since it was taken way back when!

"The library is promoting digital storytelling to create a digital library of arts, cultural and heritage resources to help create a digital knowledge basket of Hamilton memories for future generations to enjoy and everyone is invited to join the fun..."

...and we did have some fun today, testing our memories and sharing stories from our student days. If you attended Waikato's School of Education (formerly the Hamilton Teachers’ College) search the archives from the Kete Hamilton website  for student teachers as far back as 1960...I found mine...a chocolate fish if you can identify me ;-) Click photo to zoom.


Belinda said...

Middle row on the right next to the man??? You haven't changed a bit!

Fiona Grant said...

You got it! When @AlisonCleary tweeted "you must be the one closest to the teacher!!!" I realised how much it looked like a school photo...most of us were only 17 and 18 straight out of school ourselves.

Kiwi Nomad 2008 said...

Oh my goodness.... you got me all excited, and somewhere out of the dregs of my brain I remembered the number- T610. Then I found on the website the photos jump from all the T5s to the T7s, with nary a T6 insight!!! Just as well probably!!!!