Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Artefacts of Assination & Tweet Preservation*

At ISTE10 I targetted a number of breakouts focussing on the use of primary sources. Fascinating to spend time exploring "the raw materials of history" and considering potential to guide students towards higher-order thinking.
Identified a number of resources and strategies with possibilities to support the effective use of digital content relevant to the development of Digistore. Rocky and I will share further on the Digistore wiki in the coming months.
Until then here are a few primary source taonga (treasures) worthwhile exploring. Most of these sites also include useful guidelines for teaching with primary sources:
  • The Library of Congress: A variety of useful resources for teachers. I have highlighted and saved to my Delicious Links with descriptions.
  • DocsTeach an educational tool from the US National Archives Experience that includes support for using primary source documents.
  • NASA eClips short, relevant educational video segments.
  • C-SPAN Classroom Free primary source materials covering government proceedings and public affairs programming.
  • Digital Vaults: Explore the US National Archives collection, using the media rich version of this site browse through hundreds of photographs, documents, and film clips. Register and create your own collection of records, create pathway challenges, posters and films to share. Also see example Creating Student Sleuths: Primary Source Investigation
  • World Digital Library Home primary materials from countries and cultures around the world in multilingual format.
What are primary sources? Check out these two extremes...

Artefacts of Assassination and Tweet Preservation*

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