Monday, June 28, 2010

"Dream big and be brave..."

The title of this post comes from The Third Teacher, referenced today at the ISTE Leadership Symposium: Innovation--Design for Learning. I valued the conversations and time to explore the connect between design principles and our values and beliefs about effective teaching and its impact on student learning.

I love to dream and I want to be brave. Yes... this has definitely contributed to my thinking, and...I need to explore these ideas further through the links below and supporting similar conversations.

One strategy that I will certainly follow up on is to add a photo to the Learning Space Blog. This is smart...if we see a space or environment that resonates with us we are invited to email a photo to to contribute. the meantime sharing my ISTE10 photo set on flickr.

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Moturoa said...

That first photo gives an idea of just how big it is- how are you finding your way around?

Fiona Grant said...

There are over 17000 attending the conference from 78 countries. The area around the conference centre is very easy to walk around and the organisers have everything well streamed in terms of access to venues. The conference centre itself is huge and there are volunteers everywhere ready to help so have not felt too overwhelmed. First day of workshops today and then Tedx tonight