Saturday, March 27, 2010

Re-thinking Digistore: new opportunities to create collaborative, interactive learning spaces for your students.

Accessing learning through the Read/Write Web has changed teaching and learning for many of us. The freedom and flexibility to organise and access content for a specific purpose is having a significant impact on teaching approaches and learning design. With the launch of Digistore 2.0 we have been considering how some of the new functions might operate with existing online environments and tools. While we have been hyperlinking and embedding Digistore content successfully for some time using social bookmarking, Moodle, wikis and blogs... we need to start thinking differently about how we organise and access digital content?

An exciting new feature of Digistore 2.0 is the ability to create Learning Paths, a collection or sequence of learning content interwoven with teacher comments and descriptions that can be created for a particular audience eg: Students, Teachers, parents or as a personal collection. View a Learning Path that has been created and shared on Digistore

Does our use of Digistore content change when we can select, organise and then share from within Digistore itself?

Questions we might consider at the planning and design stage:
  • When is creating a Learning Path vs linking or embedding digital content a more effective option?
  • What are the benefits to the learning process?
  • How can I re-purpose content and what are the possible opportunities for shared learning?
  • How do my decisions reflect the key messages about when digital content is most effective?
  • Will this save time?
Read more about Learning Paths on the Digistore wiki

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