Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One-to-one iPods

Reo and his friends from Central Elementary in San Diego talk about learning with an iPod. Watch Sandra as she quietly demonstrates how to record, which Reo and Kyle had yet to discover, but it did not take them long! My 'roomy' on tour @suebrownnz has already requested a class set from her boss, me... I'll take a class and a set!

The school discovered that the improvement in basic facts had increased markedly since students had been using the ipods.
Students are using the iPods offsite and uploading once they returned to school using iBlogger.
The bubblewrap app. was created by a kiwi!


Podgorani said...

gadget vs pedagogy
im not sold, love the idea but show me one piece of software that is the bomb.
ive had ipod touch since the first day of release
BUT im in denial here, we need some evidence and a good discussion

Fiona Grant said...

Yes I agree lots to think about, visited another iPod class today and have been thinking more on this. Will continue with another post. Thanks for your thoughts ;-)

Jacqui Sharp said...

I'm all for the use of iPods in the classroom. I used them in my recent 'time' in the classroom and uses for them evolved particularly in the use of audiobooks, but also for accessing websites for research and for maths and grammar games that were directly related to what we were learning at the time. I had only a short time in the classroom but I am sure I could find ways to use them in all curriculum areas. I have started a wiki on the use of iPods in education
would love some input from you Fiona. Could I please add your video from this post to my wiki?

Fiona Grant said...

Hi Jacgui, thanks for the blog links. We have visited another iPod school since this post as well as a school with a 1-1 laptop programme. It has been valuable to be able to see this with other kiwi educators and I will post again shortly to share some more of what we have been thinking about and discussing. Also will upload more video here and photos are on my
flickr, happy for you to use any of this material.