Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lunchtime conversations still reign!

Received an email from a friend recently, quote... "Man I didn't know whether to tweet, to delicious , blog or spam you"...however today's impromptu lunchtime chat with friends proves face2face still rates when it comes to my personal learning network.

This from Jenny Pope in the lunchroom today...Apture a very cool Web 2.0 tool that works with most blog platfroms, wikis etc... to "integrate reference guides, images, video, maps, music, documents, presentations". I have integrated Apture into this blog post to demonstrate some of these options. (Note: when you add video you can also control the timing ie: identify a part of the video you want to display).

Lots of opportunities here for teachers to develop interactive learning objects online and for students to make connections and apply their learning in new contexts. I am especially attracted to the potential of including multimedia and other Web 2.0 applications.

Also includes a Twitter Viewer which lets you embed your Twitter stream and the Twitter experience on your sites and across the web right next to relevant content on the page (...say that fast in less than 140 characters!)

If anyone has examples of how teachers and students may have been utilising Apture please leave a comment and links on this post. I am keen to see how you have integrated and hear from you on the impact on students' learning as well as your teaching.


keamac said...

Wow! That is really neat! I know what I'm going to be playing with during my holidays. Thanks for sharing.

Colleen said...

Hi Fiona,

I saw your post, and here's a teacher using Apture:

And the Oklahoma Daily is using Apture for their University newspaper:

Do these help at all? We are very excited by the potential applications in the educational realm - if you stumble upon anything or create great things with Apture, be loud about it and let us know! :)


Fiona Grant said...

Hi Colleen, many thanks for the links, will certainly be on the look out for more examples.