Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fire Engines and Praying Mantis

I dropped in on Room 3 at Northcote Primary last week. They have been learning about their community and the different jobs everyone has "because no one person can be an expert at everything." (wise words from Room 3). You can read all about this class of New Entrants and their learning adventures on their blog.
I particularly enjoyed their drawings of the Fire Engines and they have kindly shared some with me.

The slideshare, with drawings that have been completed this term, reflects the changing confidence and attention to detail that the students have developed over time. Some of the students have been at school less than a term so their teacher, Mrs Rennie-Younger, is very proud of them. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us Room 3.


Deborah said...

Fiona you are the BEST!!!

Fiona Grant said...

Thanks Deborah I am a product of my environment...welcome to the world of Google!