Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Te Ara Auckland Region Goes Live! is New Zealand’s award-winning online encyclopedia. A work in progress, it is packed with stories, sights and sounds. So far there are almost 350 entries with over 12,000 resources - photos, cartoons, film clips, graphs and interactive devices.

Te Ara will ultimately be a complete encyclopedia of New Zealand. Three themes have been finished - ‘The New Zealanders’, ‘Earth, Sea and Sky’, and ‘The Bush’.

Nine of an eventual 22 regional entries for the highly successful ‘Places’ theme have been completed. The latest focuses on Auckland and explores the history, land forms, people and events that have shaped our largest city.

‘Auckland’ goes live on Thursday 6 December. Teachers are invited to attend the following presentation.

Where: Auditorium, Auckland War Memorial Museum
When: 4.00pm – 4.45pm, Thursday 6 December

The presentation will highlight the many classroom uses for Te Ara – The Encyclopedia of New Zealand. Steve Watters, an historian at the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, will also guide teachers through, the online resource that instantly brings New Zealand history to life. Rich and vibrant, is New Zealand’s foremost site for accessing online information about New Zealand history.

Updated daily via ‘Today in History’ this living resource showcases themes in New Zealand history based on three broad categories:
• Culture and society
• Politics and government
• War and society

Steve will talk you through the many features of highlighting the ‘Classroom’ and ‘Hands on History’ sections which provide practical resource material, classroom ideas, and activities for teachers and historians alike.

Seats are limited.
Please RSVP:

Catherine Hobbs, Communications,, 04-496-6176

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