Sunday, August 17, 2008

Te Manu Aute: Web 2.0 Tools for teaching and learning (GATE - Arts)

This just in from Mark Dashper at Te Manu Aute...

You are invited to watch this Mediasite presentation over lunch on Monday: Web 2.0 Tools for your teaching and learning programme

"Te Manu Aute helps introduce some Web 2.0 - 21st Century teaching pedagogy as part of its GATE in the Arts programme. This first webcast looks at an overview, then each week we will have fun looking at one or two of the Web 2.0 tools and whether it could be applicable for your needs."

Date: Monday, 18 August 2008 (live webcast to internet and then available on-demand)
Time: 12:45 p.m - 1.15 pm
Duration: 30 minutes approx

Link: Click here
Requirements: Broadband connection, speakers or headphones
Help: Your computer may require a once only download of the new Microsoft free-ware 'Silverlight' (alerting you ahead of time in case you need systems admin rights). You will be prompted, so might be worth clicking the link above prior to viewing, just to check.
Login: The webcast should allow you unrestricted access if viewing live, or you can use your name logins you have been sent previously. Try it out to see anytime from now until the live start. Email if you need a login before 11.30am Monday.
Questions: Simply click the 'Ask' tag on the video screen to have questions answered in the presentation (live viewing only). Alternatively you may 'Ask' when viewed later (on-demand) for an email reply.

In alliance with the UoA and Team Solutions, Te Manu Aute present Talent Development Initiatives for Northland school students, gifted and talented in the Arts. Find out more online here (Te Manu Aute)

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